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Less is more


Many patients are afraid of dermal fillers simply because they have seen it overdone.   Just as in the past people were pulled too tight or Botoxed to a frozen state, patients are now afraid of over-filled lips and cheeks.

My approach to dermal fillers is different. My ‘less is more’ approach is by far the best approach. I don’t over-fill the cheeks. My technique is creating a bespoke treatment unique to you which serves as a blueprint for future treatments –easily reproducible with predictable results. I keep accurate records of points injected and doses given. I believe in restoring your face to what it was in the past. I use the best possible dermal filler for each area of treatment which is key to achieving a natural and beautiful effect, however equally important to the type of dermal filler used is where the filler is placed that gives one the best look possible.

I create a natural refreshed regenerated look that will attract compliments about how great you look not about the procedure you had done. Most of my patients tell me that their friends and spouses can’t quite figure out what has happened. Only that everyone keeps complimenting them on how good they look. Sometimes it requires a combination of different treatments to get the improvement you want. Most often combinations will give you the best results.

Addressing the signs of ageing with dermal filler treatments can result in skin that is smoother, firmer, tighter and more youthful looking overall.

These injectables can also be used to diminish dark under-eye circles and even rejuvenate the appearance of aged hands. The best injectable dermal filler for your specific concerns is determined at your consultation.



I was considering having fillers but when Dr. Sibthorpe explained how Sculptra gives a more natural look over time, I knew it was the treatment for me. Unlike fillers, which I have had in the past, Sculptra adds volume and lift which is what I was looking for. After two treatments, I noticed my skin feels a lot softer, firmer with a youthful plumpness. I am looking forward to my third and final treatment.


It’s not easy to find a doctor you trust when it comes to your face.  Dr. Sibthorpe’s “Less is more” philosophy worked for me.  I now look like a better version of myself and feel a lot more confident.


Dr. Sibthorpe’s treatments have attracted the kind of attention that certainly pleases me.   People say things like “Your Garden Leave is really agreeing with you and you look so relaxed and rested and a lot younger than you did six months ago”. YAY!


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