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My interest is the optimisation of your health through my expertise in medicine coupled with a sensitive, engaged and keen understanding of your individual experiences, goals and needs. For each of my patients, I devote time and experience to provide the best medical care.

Annual Health Checks and Medicals

Annual health checks allow for the early detection of cadiovascular disease, some cancers and other preventable conditions.

A full medical comprises of a one hour appointment covering the following:

* Full history of any symptoms or health concerns

* Past medical history, medications, allergies, lifestyle and family history

* Detailed physical examination

* Blood tests

* Referral for further tests as required

Travel Vaccinations

A comprehensive list of travel vaccines are available alongside advice about any health risks you might encounter while travelling abroad.


Cryotherapy is available for common skin problems.

A caring and knowledgeable doctor. Examinations are extremely thorough.


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