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Lip Fillers: What You Should Know Before Having Them – Dr. Sibthorpe featured in Sheerluxe

With Google searches for lip fillers multiplying tenfold since 2015, it seems the popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment is slowly becoming as mainstream as teeth whitening. Even so, this isn’t a procedure to take lightly, and it’s important to get it done by an expert…


Understand The Ingredients

“Filler is usually made up of collagen or hyaluronic acid,” explains Dr. Richard Sibthorpe. “The collagen works to plump, while hyaluronic acid lifts and retains water within the lip for a smooth, more natural effect. As for the procedure itself, an anaesthetic numbing cream is applied 20 minutes pre-procedure. Once it’s taken effect, small amounts of filler are administered to line and define, based upon where it’s needed and what you’ve discussed with your practitioner. It’s also worth noting that when done properly, pain is minimal. Not least because the latest dermal fillers contain lidocaine, which takes effect as soon as the product is injected and makes the entire process more comfortable.”

Find A Good & Safe Practitioner

“The industry isn’t regulated so you really need to do your research,” says Richard. “The reason so many lip fillers go wrong is because treatments are performed by someone who is not medically qualified and has not received adequate training. Combine that with an increasing number of people seeking cheaper treatment, and it’s easy to see why things can go so wrong. Check your practitioner’s credentials. Ask to see before and after pictures of patients they’ve treated. Find out which brand of filler they use and why. Don’t be afraid to ask. Trust you’re putting your face in the right hands.”

Factor In Down Time

“You need to prepare for possible bruising or swelling, and allow time for it to die down,” adds Richard. “You don’t want to have the procedure right before a big party or event. Allow one to two weeks for lips to settle down post-treatment. It’s also important to stay away from alcohol or exercising on the day (and day after if possible), as this can increase swelling and tenderness. As a general rule, bruising should settle after a couple of days.”

Keep Up With The Maintenance

“It’s important to remember that lip fillers are temporary – not permanent. You can expect the results to last between 6-12 months,” says Richard. “Once the filler wears off, your lips will return to how they looked before the procedure, so top-ups are necessary and a key thing to consider before you take the plunge is whether you can keep up with the maintenance costs.”

Ignore The Common Misconceptions

“There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding lip fillers, namely that they are only for people with thin lips, and that they can increase your risk of cold sores,” adds Richard. “The former is somewhat true, as lip fillers are used for adding volume, but they can also be used to adjust an undefined cupid’s bow, correct asymmetry and focus on upturned corners, and even dry or cracked lips. As for the latter, dermal fillers are totally sterile. People who have a history of cold sores are more likely to experience them after a procedure since it puts stress on your lips, but they don’t make you more susceptible.”

Remember Everyone Is Different

“During a consultation, it’s key to discuss your goals and the areas you’d like to focus on,” adds Richard. “There is no set approach to administering fillers or an amount of filler used – everyone is different and requires a bespoke treatment plan. The key is to have an experienced practitioner who has a detailed understanding of lip anatomy. He or she will be able to accentuate key areas, without using too much filler, to create a look that’s natural to you and fits with your features.”

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This article first appeared in Sheerluxe

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