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ZOOM BOOM – Don’t Like What You See?

Top tweakments to make you look your best on ZOOM.

ZOOM meetings have made many of us more aware and sometimes insecure about our appearance. With so many advancements in the realm of anti-ageing erasing the years can make you look younger and even better than before. These are the Top Tweakments that will help you look your best on ZOOM.


Tired of looking tired?  Turning back the clock may be easier than you think. Whether it’s hollows under the eye or dark shadows that are making you look constantly tired, then a soft hyaluronic acid filler can make a major difference.  We now have cosmetic techniques that are safe, long-lasting and make a dramatic cosmetic improvements in this difficult area of the face without surgery.


This quick virtually painless anti-wrinkle injection has been the most popular anti-ageing cosmetic procedure performed.  Botox can temporarily eliminate deep forehead lines, frown lines between the brows and Crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes.


If your lips are losing definition, thinning or drooping with age, dermal filler injected into specific area will create a younger appearance.


From bumps and humps to a tip that’s too bulbous or wide, the variety of problems that can affect the nose are endless.  Nose reshaping will create a smoother profile – all without surgery.


Has your facial scaffolding collapsed, taking your jaw with it?  Don’t panic. Careful placement of dermal filler in the lower face will lift jowls, strengthen a week chin and reduce the puckering of slacking skin.


Cheeks are an important part of your face and play a key role in balancing other features. Adding filler to restore lost volume is one of the first and most obvious things to do to soften the face.  Dermal fillers work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and give a more rejuvenated appearance.


Profhilo is an injectable that combines two types of hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate your skin. It is both preventative and corrective in combating the signs of ageing. This super skin booster not only hydrates your skin from the inside out getting rid of any crepeness, it increases your collagen and elastin production and actually remodels your skin leaving your skin hydrated, nourished and lifted without any volumisation.  If you are looking to improve the overall quality of your skin you will benefit from this treatment.

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