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Questions to ask at your Aesthetic Consultation

After you have done your initial research, these are the questions you should ask at your consultation.

#1.  Ask your practitioner about his/her credentials.

If you are considering an aesthetic treatment, you should only be treated by a trained and qualified practitioner. Are they a doctor, nurse or dentist?  Is he/she a member of BCAM, the British College of Aesthetic Doctors, GMC, General Medical Council, BACN, British Association of Cosmetic Nurses or GDC, General Dental Council.

#2.  Ask to see examples of his/her work.

Ask the practitioner about his experience how long he/she has been practicing aesthetics. Ask to see examples of his/her work: before/after photos of patients who have had the same treatment you are asking about.

#3.  Ask what brand or product he/she uses and why.

Check the brand that your practitioner is planning to use. If you are having fillers ask which type of filler they plan to use and why. Certain areas of the face require specific products, they all have different characteristics.

#4.  Does your practitioner have any reviews you can look at.

Platforms include Trustpilot, Google and Facebook.

#5.  Ask what treatment do you need to get the look you want.

Ask your practitioner to explain your treatment plan – what they plan to do and when. Understanding how they plan to address your needs will mean you are working in partnership with your practitioner and your goals.

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