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Anti Ageing Treatments That Make The Most Impact

No matter your age, these are the Top Treatments that are making the biggest impact in turning back the clock.

8 Point Face Lift

The 8 point face lift, or “non surgical facelift”, is a specialised volumizing and lifting treatment using dermal fillers to enhance and discreetly lift the face for a total rejuvenating effect.  It’s all about working with the face like an artist, re-sculpting your face to add softness, volume or structure that it needs and restoring balance giving you a beautifully natural all over lift.  You will look like yourself just fresher.

Eye Hollows and Dark Circles

Whether it’s hollows under the eye or dark shadows that are making you look constantly tired turning back the clock may be easier than you think.  A soft hyaluronic acid filler can make a major difference.  There are advanced techniques that are safe, long-lasting and make a dramatic improvement without surgery.

Chin & Jawline Reshaping

To appear more youthful and more sculpted, a chin & jawline reshaping procedure is equally as important as restoring volume and lift in the upper and mid face.

As we age upper and mid face volume loss occurs with fat descending into the lower face creating sagginess and jowls.  The areas around the chin and jawline lose definition as your skin loses its elasticity.  Dermal fillers are used to add volume to create a refined contour.  Fillers can be used directly in the chin and along the jawline to balance features and add definition, and indirectly in the cheekbone to lift the lower face and improve the appearance of jowls to redefine the jawline.

It’s about strategically rebuilding volume and definition to give a beautifully natural all over lift.

Lip Shaping

Replacing volume in the lips is not about making your lips look done but restoring the natural shape and volume that maximises your smile and compliments your facial features.

A hyaluronic acid-based gel dermal filler injected into specific areas will give you a softer, more natural result.  A subtle but significant enhancement.  Small amounts of filler can bring your lips back to how they looked in your 20’s.

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