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Considering Botox? – Dr. Sibthorpe featured in Sheerluxe

Botox is known for its ability to redefine facial features and prevent fine lines. But knowledge is power, so before you take the plunge it pays to have insight into what to expect, how it can help with non-aesthetic aspects and why starting small is key.

First & Foremost, Do Your Research

“Research is the most important thing you can do before Botox. You are thinking of having something injected into your face – surely you want to know everything you can about that and the procedure first? You’ll be surprised by how many of your friends are secretly having it done. They’ll have that natural, fresh look that many of us seek. It’s why recommendations are also essential. You should also always ask, who is the practitioner? What are their qualifications? And how long have they been doing it? I recommend checking for affiliations such as BCAM (British Colle of Aesthetic Medicine) and registration with the GMC (General Medical Council) – this means that they are fully vetted and trustworthy.”

Start Off Small 

“As Bibi says, ask yourself why you’re doing it. If you see the signs of ageing when you look in the mirror – like wrinkles and heavy frown lines – then yes, Botox can work well. It doesn’t always have to be the maximum amount immediately, either. Start with ‘Baby Botox’ which is just a small amount. This way, you can see if you like it. You can always have more as part of a review or adjustment.”

Know The Needles Are Tiny

“A lot of people fear the needles with Botox but it’s worth noting that the ones we use are very fine. Because of this, most people don’t find Botox to be too painful. If you know your practitioner is skilled, you should also be reassured knowing that any discomfort will be kept to a minimum. It is possible you could get a bruise, but that is less common these days, nevertheless, consider whether you should go back to work after or not once having had it done.”

…And Take Stock Of Aftercare 

“Before you have Botox, it’s worth knowing that aftercare is key, too. My biggest advice? Avoid touching the area you’ve had it done and don’t use make-up for a few hours afterwards. This way, you’ll avoid any infection. Bruising can be a common side effect for some, so ice and arnica after treatments can be useful.”

Attend Your Consultation 

“Consultations are a very important part of the treatment – especially if you’re wary. Come to the consultation with all your questions written down so you don’t forget to ask anything. It’s often a time we can alleviate your concerns, too. Some practitioners charge, but usually waive the fee if you proceed to have the treatment with them. Either way, it’s well worth yours – and our – time.”

Be Aware Of Costs 

“Botox fees do vary, but there is a set formula that’s worth knowing. Fees are set out according to the number of areas you have treated – from one to three as a rule. Fees may go up or down depending on where you are in the UK and who the practitioner is, but typically, you’re looking at £200-£500. Anything that seems overly cheap or much more expensive than this should be queried.”

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