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Dr. Sibthorpe featured on Sheerluxe Botox For Beginners

Dr Sibthorpe is a medical practitioner who specialises in non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments. Whether you’re looking for defined facial contours, volume and lift, fuller lips or softened facial lines, or simply just an improvement in your skin’s appearance –he claims his range of treatments will help bring out the best in your skin’s appearance. We went to find out…




Why Dr Sibthorpe?: Because we saw how well a friend was looking after a visit to see him–crucially, she could still move her face.

His USP: A less-is-more approach.

What he told us: It used to be about lines, then volume, now it’s about sagginess. You shouldn’t treat the nose-to-mouth areas any more–nowadays it’s about the eight-point lift: strategic placement of small amounts of product.

Anatomical changes occur as you age and, essentially, you start to lose your scaffolding or the support which results in the soft tissue falling south. You therefore want to put the volume in the top half of the face and hoist it up –an indirect approach if you like.

The process: An initial consultation (there was no pressure to have anything done at this point) with a follow up two weeks later. At that point he injects more if needs be but is extremely cautious in the initial appointment.

Our concerns: Deep lines on the forehead and countless fine lines around the eyes.

How it went: We chatted, he assessed the skin and took his time to assess the face and methodically plot the entry points before spending just a couple of minutes carrying out the injections themselves.

Did it hurt?: In all honesty, no! Dr Sibthorpe uses the smallest needles available, and it could not have been more painless.

The follow up: He added a little more to the forehead as the lines were still quite visible but none around the eyes where the lines are fine and you need to avoid that puckered look – where the skin almost gathers – in the corners by your nose, under the eyes.

The results: No sign of a frozen look, so ten out of ten.

Anything else? He was voted 2015 Best for Botox & Fillers by Tatler magazine’s beauty & cosmetic guide.

Cost: From around £300.

To to book an appointment with Dr. Sibthorpe call:  The Smart Clinics  Tel: 020 7052 0070

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