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Dr. Sibthorpe featured in Sheerluxe Need to know: Lip Fillers

If you long for fuller lips but the idea of a trout pout makes doing anything about them too terrifying to even contemplate then SL might just have found the man who can change all that. We caught up with leading filler expert Dr Richard Sibthorpe on how to go about achieving the perfect pout.



How to avoid the trout pout:
So many women’s lips are overdone and it creates a fake and obvious look.  Overinflated lips are often the result of poor injection technique and the wrong product. Be sure to explain to your doctor exactly how much fullness you are looking for; especially with the lips, less is more when you are starting out.  Natural-looking volume and shape is the best approach.

What is your approach?
It’s all about shape, proportion, volume and projection. It is a very strategic process but properly injected you can make a real difference for the better.

And what’s different about your approach?
Careful assessments of the whole face especially the peri-oral area. This includes the chin and nose as well as the mouth. I’m looking for balance so sometimes I’ll actually treat the chin if it is set back and not in balance with the nose and mouth. Like everything I do from Botox (find out more about Dr S’s Botox approach here) to lips, my approach is always the same, Less is always more. It is easy to say, but I am fastidious about this. Treatment of the lips may require me seeing the patient twice, administering a bit to start with and then if necessary, a bit more. After all it’s much easier to put more in than to dissolve too much filler afterwards.

And what do you use?
I prefer Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid-based gel filler.  It flows easily when injected and you get a softer, more natural result that lasts. You should be wary of other products that are thicker and not really suitable for the lips.

Is Juvederm a natural product?
Like most dermal fillers it is bio-degradable and manufactured to mimic our own tissue’s molecular structure. Unlike collagen which isn’t used much now and can cause allergic reactions, it is a non-animal derived product.

Does filling your lips hurt?
No, it really doesn’t have to be painful if done properly. I saw a new patient the other day who was anxious because a past experience had been painful. I use a numbing cream called LMX 4, which is double the strength of other creams and she couldn’t believe how painless it was. So no, from me, it doesn’t hurt and she was happy!

How long does it last?
Fillers can last from nine to 12 months.

And the cost?
From £500  – depending on the volume used and other areas around the mouth that are also treated.

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