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Can Lip Fillers look Natural?

Dermal fillers, especially lip fillers, are often associated with the over-filled appearance of some reality television personalities. Injectable treatments such as dermal fillers can look natural when they are performed by someone with advanced training, because they can use different techniques when placing the fillers instead of simply creating volume. Dr Richard Sibthorpe would like to shed some light on how dermal fillers can appear natural.

Considering your natural features

When performing dermal fillers, it’s important to take into account the balance of your natural facial features. In the lips, for example, we may place more dermal filler in areas such as the lip corners or borders to accentuate your lips without over-filling them. This may help to rebalance the perspective of your lower face. How your facial anatomy is naturally balanced and composed influences where and how much dermal filler should be used to achieve natural-looking results.

Your natural lip shape

Lip fillers can achieve natural-looking results when they adhere to your natural lip shape. This isn’t to say that Dr Sib cannot accentuate your lip shape, as injecting into the philtrum or cupid’s bow can help to achieve a pronounced profile structure, but that volume won’t be added simply for the sake of volume. Following your natural lip shape and enhancing it with carefully placed lip fillers will lead to more natural-looking results that are individual to you, whilst still being effective.

Placement of the lip fillers

If you’re seeking fuller lips, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that this means more dermal filler. In fact, the placement of the dermal filler is more conducive to effective yet natural-looking volume. Natural-looking lip fillers doesn’t simply mean adding more filler to the entire lip, but instead it means adding it at strategic points to create different dimensions and perspective. Someone who feels their lips are too ‘flat’ when viewing themselves from side-on may benefit from more sculpting in the borders than simply adding volume.

Who is performing your lip fillers?

When you seek a medical professional who is trained in the advanced sculpting of lips, you are far more likely to enjoy your results. Advanced training brings with it new techniques to treat different concerns in the lips, such as enhancing the cupid’s bow or rebalancing asymmetry, rather than simply plumping them. Seek a practitioner who is not only a medical professional but recognised as delivering natural-looking results such as Dr Sibthorpe himself.

If you are seeking natural-looking lip fillers in Kensington, contact Dr Sib today on 0203 131 3041 to arrange your initial consultation.

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