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Is This Injectable Moisturiser A Natural Alternative To Botox? – Dr Sibthorpe featured in Sheerluxe

It’s Both A Preventative & Corrective Treatment

Profhilo is an injectable that combines two types of hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate your skin. It’s both preventative and corrective in combating the signs of ageing,” says Dr Richard Sibthorpe, leading medical practitioner. “This super skin booster not only hydrates the skin from the inside out, getting rid of any crepiness, but it also increases collagen and elastin production and actually remodels the skin to make it firmer. It’s really quite impressive.”

Downtime And Discomfort Is Minimal

“Profhilo is 100% hyaluronic, so it contains no added chemicals making it highly biocompatible (i.e. it can coexist with living tissue without causing any harm) and less aggravating to the skin,” assures Richard. “At most, you’ll feel minor discomfort from the pinprick injections, and there’s no major downtime, but you might not want to go to a meeting or out for dinner the same day, just until the minor swelling has gone down.”

It Differs From Dermal Fillers

“It’s very different from fillers,” advises Richard. “Dermal fillers are used to create volume and to change the structure of your face, whilst Profhilo integrates with your skin to harness its own ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. It doesn’t plump or add any volume to the areas treated. It works brilliantly if you’ve had fillers, but you still want a better texture and glow. Plus no one will ever know you’ve had it, it’s that subtle.”

You’ll Need Top-Ups

“Results last roughly 4-6 months,” says Richard. “As it can sometimes be a subtle result, you will likely want to have a few sessions (with a one-month interval in-between) to maintain your results. If it’s something you want to continue with for the foreseeable future, you’ll need top-up maintenance treatments at six-month intervals.”
This article first appeared in Sheerluxe

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