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What You Need To Know About ‘Baby’ Botox – Dr. Sibthorpe featured in Sheerluxe

Ask any cosmetic specialist and they’ll tell you ‘baby’ Botox is one of their most requested treatments. Using micro-doses of the muscle relaxant, it’s said to provide a more natural, fresh-faced look.

First, What Is Baby Botox?

“Baby Botox is all about a ‘less is more’ approach. It involves applying smaller doses of Botox into the face to achieve a more natural, less ‘frozen’ result, softening expression lines rather than freezing them entirely. It’s all about minimising creases and fine lines, but without losing all expression.”

So The Key Difference Is The Lower Dosage?

“The main difference is fewer units of botulinum toxin. But what people likely don’t know is it lasts about the same time as traditional Botox – results wise – and it still affects the dynamic muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. That said, if you’re considering baby Botox, bear in mind the lower dose won’t remove all of your lines. Sometimes, patients will try this lower dose first and if in a few weeks they don’t see enough improvement, adjustments can be made for a more bespoke plan.”

How Do You Find The Right Practitioner?

“It’s always said, but it’s always true: do your research. Likewise, pick a practitioner who has extensive experience with facial anatomy. They all have different styles and some advocate natural results more than others. Make sure you align your aesthetic goals with theirs, not theirs with yours. Your doctor will clean the skin with alcohol or an antiseptic and it’s best to not wear make-up to your appointment – this helps avoid any risk of infection.”

What Should You Expect During A Baby Botox Appointment?

“The procedure only takes a few minutes. The injections are performed with very fine needles, so pain is minimal, and bruising is rare. When used in the muscle, baby Botox is injected similarly to traditional Botox, just in smaller doses.”

How Often Should You Have Baby Botox Done?

“As with regular Botox treatments, the results will last you at least three to four months. I have some patients for whom it lasts for longer, or less – it all varies person to person, but you may want to look into another session any time from this point on. My advice is, instead of letting your injections totally wear off after three to six months, look into subtle changes that can be done over a longer period of time with the lower dose – this will maintain results for longer. Teeny tiny injections like this are ideal, as they are personalised entirely to your needs.”

What About The Side Effects – Are There Any?

“It’s important you take note of some basic aftercare. Cosmetics are not completely sterile, so it’s best to avoid any make-up for 24 hours following an injection. Don’t exercise rigorously after Botox either. Perspiration can introduce bacteria into the injection site, increasing your risk of infection. Also, don’t get any chemical peels or microdermabrasion facials for 24 hours.”

Finally, What Should You Expect To Pay?

“The price is the same as normal Botox. It’s the technique and expertise you should be paying for, so don’t go cheap. Prices vary from £250-£400 and reviews should be complimentary. If you ever find a practitioner that seems overly affordable, always question it.”

This article first appeared in Sheerluxe.

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